A Bond Question

If the YTM equals the actual compound return an investor realizes on an investment in a coupon bond purchased @premium-to-par, it is least likely that: A. cash flows will be paid as promised B. the bond will not be sold at a capital loss C. cash flows will be reinvested at the YTM rate D. The bond will be held until maturity

“It is least likely that the bond will not be sold at a capital loss”… I can’t even parse that sentence.

3 sources of bond return is 1) coupon interest 2) principal appreciation/depreciation 3) reinvested (coupon) income. YTM is based on the assumption that the bond is held to maturity, coupons are reinvested at the YTM, and all payments occur.

Well, in a sense, the bond *is* likely to be sold at a capital loss, since it has been bought at a premium to par. So that sentence should be parsable (and least likely).