A Brief note to anyone who ever read my posts/finds me annoying

I love this forum,I love all the annonymous guys here on a hetrosexual way because I know they have tried hard in their lives and I respect that,I like the company of you guys,the reason I post only in WC is ,I am a second year accounting student and do not have much to say in the world of finance,its my target to get FRM then CFA,However I am at least a year away from this goal,please know that I am not some troll wishing to interupt the forum,I hope in a year or two I will start to participate in the forums about the actual CFA material and study groups,thank you all

RR’s alter ego?

No RR is a friend I found here,this is me,a different person ,RR Is funny though

I have steadfastly avoided reading any of your posts, but I assume they are annoying. Please stop posting. The message should be loud and clear by now.

You can use either a carrot or a cucumber but assuming you have a large caliber focus on things like a fire extingusher


I got my hand slapped by Chad for my Les Grossman quotes in xray’s other thread. I guess being a complete troll and spamming the WC is ok, but quoting a funny scene that accurately depicts how many of us feel towards these guys is way out of line.

Please respect the boundaries sir

I got the joke, and enjoyed it, but the likelihood that those who didn’t get the reference would assume that it set the standard of discussion here seemed to be too great.

I wasn’t the one who deleted it, but I understand why it was deleted.

Les Grossman was a hilarious character, and I still love his rap dance at the end.


I have .01% exposure to pop culture. I’venever heard of Les Grossman. And I was able to tell from the way it was written that it was a quote a sentence or two into it

I don’t think I ever saw the post in question. But I too had to google Les Grossman. I thought he might have been related to Rex Grossman or something.

Wow, there appears to have been some major drama on AF, not sure what all these posts are about, but it must have been juicy!! Bummer I missed it.

What happened to this place? I remember when people used to talk about investments and making money, that was pretty cool.

I remember that too. Now we just have idiots spamming the board constantly.

^it’s probably just the one idiot with AF up on multiple iPads and laptops.


Let us get few facts correct:

1)AF is a forum for CFA/FRM/CAIA holders/candidates/aspirants.If some one is neither of them and just spamming AF then he/she should be banned.

2)How to know if some one is a troll or genuine guy?Simple check their past history.See if they are active on preparation related sections of AF like CFAL1/CFAL2/CFAL3 forum etc.For example if some on is a CFAL2 candidate and is found posting random threads on AF in final week before the exam …then perhaps they are a troll.

3)Some AF members are of an opinion that i am a troll because may be i post unique threads (which some find annoying).I have been always active on CFAL1/L2/L3 forums during my preparation for various level exams.CFA is my passion…it is the best thing that has happened to me and it clearly shows in my threads in CFAL1/L2/L3 sections of AF.

^ Tread carefully chief.

There’s something you need to know. It doesn’t matter at all if someone is a “geniune guy” in the CFA level forums. your comments in water cooler is viewed “as is” regardless of how amazing a contributor you are in other forums. There is NO partial forum ban, and there is NO good behavior in other parts of the forum that gives you power to run rampant here on WC.

Maybe we should rethink this. Maybe some of these people do contribute positively in the Level forums, but not in the WC. So maybe there should be a “partial ban”.

RR, I think the issue that’s coming up is that you feel the need to defend yourself constantly, and this takes you in a bad direction here, and opens you up to more criticisms. At a point earlier on, people did seem to gang up on you and I think you felt a need to answer each and every criticism with more and more stuff.

There’s a time to let it go. At the end of the day, these are just anonymous posters on the internet, and a large number of the more obnoxious posts are just really young and immature people shooting their mouths off about stuff that they actually know little about.

Don’t be one of those guys. Learn that when a dog barks at you, sometimes you just have to let them bark and go on your way. It’s ultimately meaningless.

I haven’t followed all your posts here (just too much work to follow everyone’s stuff, that’s why we have multiple moderators), but my sense is that you are trying - like many young posters - to do one better than the next BSD wannabe in order to fit in. It’s a silly game to play. Yes it’s seductive. I sometimes have to tell myself that I will not comment on something for 24 hours, or decide that some idiot is just not going to engage in a logical or reasoned way and quit the discussion.

Just have the faith that you don’t have to be in every conversation about you, and that the quality of your posts (whether good or bad) will tell a story about you over time. Some people will always shoot their mouth off, and you really only need to respond to people whose opinions you respect. That doesn’t mean you have to know all the answers, you can have good posts by asking reasonable or even perceptive questions, or making intersting comments.