A Career Question--Thanks for the advise thus far!

Thanks to those whom have posted some very helpful questions and concerns I had in the past–As some may know, I’ve been interviewing with some interesting positions and companies the last few months. From Senior Analyst REITs; Consult. Acquisitions for an Energy co. to IB, and emerging markets. Now, I’m winding down some choices, one particular position in management at an brokerage firm in Boston. The pay is about 30% higher than the others. and will be perpetually higher. But it seems to be more a sales and management role than analytical or innovative. (There any many bright employees; MIT, Harvard Grads, CFA’s; ex-Goldman guys) The concern I would be; the pay increase going to discard me from jumping back to IB or even asset management if I decide that this its for me, say after 3 years. (I would have an MBA and CFA completed at that time) Anyone else had a scenario like this come up? Thanks.