A comparison between Essential and Notes

SchweserNotes includes:  5-book set with complete LOS coverage  Schweser Study Planner  Schweser’s QuickSheet™  Practice Exams, Vol. 1  InstructorLink™  Schweser Library (partial access) [details] Partial Schweser Library for CFA Level 2 Includes Close  Introduction to Item Sets  Hypothesis Testing  Forward Contracts  Basics of Capital Budgeting  Expected Return, Required Return, and the Gordon Growth Model  Exam-tips Blog  Searchable FAQs  Schweser PassProtection™ Only $329. Save $314!

The Essential Solution includes:  Schweser Study Planner  SchweserNotes™  Schweser’s QuickSheet™  SchweserPro™ QBank (Online + Download)*  Practice Exams, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  InstructorLink™  Schweser Library (partial access)  Exam-tips Blog  Instructor-led Office Hours  Searchable FAQs Add a 16-Week Online Class, Video CDs, or a 3-Day Seminar when you upgrade to the PremiumPlus or the Premium Solution. Online subscriptions will expire on the June Exam Day. Schweser releases a new version of products every year as the curriculum changes. *CD version available instead for an additional $25. Order Now Product Price Buy Essential Solution (Level 2: June 2009) $599.00

It seems to be $270 difference for (1) weserPro™ QBank (Online + Download)* (2) practice exams Vol. 2 (3) Instructor-led Office Hours Is it worth it? I didn’t even do practice exams Vol. 1 for Level I

though the qbank wasn’t as good for level 2 as it was for level 1, i still thought it was key… i also did 3 sections of the volume 2 exams. i study best by doing as many problems as i can. if you’re the same way, i’d spend the extra dough. good luck. i never used the office hours.

i’m with cfasf1 on this one- qbank is the most valuable thing schweser gives you… unless you have some other massive source of practice problems, i’d pay for qbank.