a different MBA question

Getting right to it- I just started an MBA program. Live, in-person, on-campus. First accounting class seems like it’s going to cover in aggregate <25% of CFA LI FRA material. 25% is being generous.

Question- does an MBA program eventually turn into an experience where you learn something? Some other gems I’m looking forward to include classes called “Leading People and Organizations”, “Business Process Management”, and “Managing for Results”.

Observation- not sure how some people made it to the graduate level still have questions on the concept of accumulated depreciation.

Still a pretty common question. The answer is the same for CFAvsMBA topics.

MBAs are better for networking and finding your dream job. CFA is better at teaching you finance.

To answer your question: Not really. You may learn something stupid in Organizational Behavior about how workers are happier if they’re sitting equidistant from the breakroom and restroom.

What? Networking? What about learning to move size and cash checks? I believe I also heard a mention of models and bottles.