a few random thoughts (musings)

this is like larry king’s people from usa today… anyway… had a detailed look at derivatives in CFAI today (had read it before as well as schwesers a few times)… anyway, could it be any more confusing in the CFA book. the FRA section was painful and the schweser’s equivalent was simple (i think)… i hadn’t noticed there are some pretty big “optional areas” in the derivatives section. i actually hadn’t noticed that. i see that i have notes in these big sections… do people trust the “optional” characterization?? with key rate duration, what is CRASH duration? it’s in one table but it’s never explained what CRASH means or why it’s there. it is obvious what the column represents though. detailed look at OAS/monte carlo etc. today… very painful for something i think should be straight-forward… fabozzi (??) seems to make alot of judgements and it’s not totally clear if info not in the reading is being utilized… anyhow, i think i’m ranting now.