A few test day related questions

I was reveiwing test policies and rules… still have some questions - maybe someone can help to answer. Thx. 1. It states no baggage of any kind can be brought into the testing room. Yet someone said you can still go over your notes, formulas etc during lunch break. I’m wondering where would you store those material (including your cell phone just in case of emergency) during morning session? You’re obviously not allowed to carry them with you. 2. There’ll be plenty blank space on the test book for scratch, right? Can I underline or mark certain data of the question? 3. Are all questions grouped by study sessions (in general) or we have to jump from one to another?

  1. everything is stored in a massive cloakroom which is just an aircraft hanger size room with lots of coat rails and shelves. They are guarded. You can go back when you get let out the test room. 2. Lots of room for notes, working out etc. No problems. Just don’t write on the exam ticket whatever you do. 3. All Qs grouped by subject, allowing you to choose where you start and finish, a benefit I think. Same order as presented in Schweser / Stalla.

Guarded cloakroom? Thx much, Farina. Absolutely it’s a benefit to group Qs by subject - less brain gym. So we can get rid of ethics in afternoon session?

It’s basically a huge room with tables set up by last name (A-Z). You can put your belongings on the tables. I didn’t think it was that safe so put as few valuables as possible there. It may be guarded from non-CFA takers, but someone could easily steal your cellphone.

to be honest, with several 1000 bags/coats in there, I doubt its’ THAT safe, the guards aren’t going to know if someone walks out with your bag, maybe if they’re carrying 6 bags. Don’t take anything too valuable.

Guarded by non-CFA takers who may not be as ethical as CFA takers. :slight_smile:

should be an ethics question about someone registering, attending but hiding in toilet to clear out all the cell phones, bags etc. Violation?

Stuff is guarded, but don’t keep anything valuable there, because the guards don’t usually know who owns what. If you’re lucky, there might be a number/check system, except that leads to long lines to get your stuff. The big question is what to do with a cell phone. If you leave it in your bags in the storage room, it is vulnerable to theft. If you can get away without bringing one, that’s best. I typically surrendered mine to the proctors just before the exam, but at L2 they said some threatening thing about my getting written up for having brought a phone into the room. At L3, I just decided to take the risk of having my iPhone stolen, which fortunately it wasn’t.

I’m concerned about someone stealing my lunch, haha