A.I. Fight Club

The first rule of A.I. fight club is you don’t talk about A.I. fight club.

Intelligent Machines

AI Fight Club Could Help Save Us from a Future of Super-Smart Cyberattacks The best defense against malicious AI is AI.

  • by Will Knight
  • July 20, 2017 A new competition heralds what is likely to become the future of cybersecurity and cyberwarfare, with offensive and defensive AI algorithms doing battle.


In recent years, however, researchers have shown that even the smartest algorithms can sometimes be misled in surprising ways. For example, deep-learning algorithms with near-human skill at recognizing objects in images can be fooled by seemingly abstract or random images that exploit the low-level patterns these algorithms look for (see “The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI”).



The best defense against AI is John Connor.

^He couldn’t do it without Linda Hamilton.



Is A.I your new calling bro ?

haha no, I just think its funny how AF fantasizes about AI, so posted the link