A little advice

Hey everyone, I need a little advice about a career opportunity. I recently discovered that a friend of mine’s brother is a Divisional Director at a very large and reputable investment firm. That being said, there is a decent chance that I will have an opportunity to get a position somewhere within the firm if i were to apply. The opportunity is great as this is what I would love to end up doing. However, I just recently started working in a new position doing financial/strategic analysis for a private company and my background is in corporate financial analysis. I am 26 and I have an undergratuate degree in MIS and an MBA. Beacause of my degree in MIS and projects I have done, one of my great strengths lie in financial modelling. I am currently studying for my first CFA exam and things seem to be going well and I don’t think I wil have any problems passing. My question is this: With my limited background in IB and me just getting started studying for my CFA, would it be wise for me to consider this GREAT opportunity now, or is it something I should wait on until I get a little further in my studies to have a better understanding of the investment world before I take any steps forward? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have seen some great feedback from posters in this forum. Thanks! Chad

What the position is? Research? IB, Private Equity?

I actually believe the position would be in Private Equity but I could be mistaken Chad

If you think it’s a great role, you should absolutely go for it. There’s no substitute for actual work experience plus you never know if or when you may get a comparable opportunity again.