A little help please


I passed CFA level 3 and would highly appreciate if someone can help me/guide me in the next steps to earn the charter. Would appreciate if you can send the link if this topic was previously discussed.

many thanks


  1. log into the CFA portal
  2. go to your account
  3. follow the link where it says apply for membership (you are applying for regular membership, not affiliate)
  4. follow the rest of the process which quite automated
  5. last but not least is to pay your dues

Add 15 to your name, and you’ll be in the right spot.


didn’t get your point? what does 15 stand for?

Didn’t expect you to…


didn’t expect me to ask about the application process? or what?

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isnt it funny how some folks pass the exams and don’t know what to do next… or may be they feel like they wanna be spoon fed after going through the gruelling exams…

Valid question that should not be made fun of. CFAI does a bad job in telling clearly what needs to be done after you pass. A simple step by step guide would be so handy. However, it’s not difficult to figure out with help from forum. 

Isn’t there a page on cfai website which requirements there are for being a charterholder? Just fullfill the requirements - there you are

I must be a jerk or something because I can’t believe the amount of posts I have seen asking how to apply for membership and the charter. Not entirely sure how you make it through three levels of this program yet can’t navigate a few pages on the CFAI website. It’s pretty clear to me from the emails they have sent over the last few months…

There is a step by step vdo on their site and even on their facebook page.

And CFAI sent an email to passers with a link to those instructions. It’s not a great question by OP. The smallest amount of awareness or research on website would answer the question. The OP is being lazy, which is ironic because their AF name is ambitious?! Lol

It’s literally the 2nd paragraph of the ‘congrats you passed’ email…

Now that you have passed Level III, you must be a regular member of CFA Institute to be eligible for the award of the CFA charter. Log in now to verify your current membership status or complete the application process.

Hi mate,

Do we have to ask someone to sign anything within the application process?