A Little Stalla Props

3/3 using only Stalla (and CFAI mocks/practice tests) any other people out there ready to give good old Dave Hetherington, Peter Olinto and the others some props? thought the course structure … Notes/Lecture/Study Guide regimen was perfect for me. any other Stalla people out there (the minority) have the same success?

Stalla is Schweser’s retarded little brother.

We all treat him well, but in reality, we know he won’t grow up to do anything special.

But he tries really, really hard.

hhhmm alright, whatever ill take anyone’s retarded little brother who can give me 3/3 passes

I loved Stalla and those lecture notes/videos were the backbone of my study plan. They paid off significantly. I just wish they replaced Ben Jones in the videos and made their PassMaster better.

so far 2/2 for me with stalla, though for level 2 I did use Schweser mocks since I found Stalla’s to be a bit too easy. Regardless, it’s a fact that Dave and Peter are the best instructors of all time.

3 for 3 with stalla as well. of course I fast skipped all the Ben jones lectures, but at least they tend to give him the simple stuff.

Passing with Stalla is like the Russian rowers who smoke during practice season and then quit before the Olympics – they make their prep harder so the competition seems easier. You are all overcoming a serious obstacle in your preparation and should be proud!

I know folks here love Schwesers, I used their notes too. But I do want to say thank you to Stalla videos, Peter and David H. are great instructors and I don’t think I’ll pass without watching their videos. Thanks, Stalla!

2/2 with Stalla. Will be going with them for L3 for sure, sprinkle in some Schweser QBank and Allen Resources TestBank.

3/3 with Stalla. I had no problems with it whatsoever.

3 for 3 with Stalla as well. I went to a liberal arts college with no accounting/finance background and felt that Stalla really prepared me.

Happy with Stalla here as well. David Hetherington is a bad ass. Took me two tries on Level III though, passing this year. Read the ethics portion of CFAI text for each exam and that was it.

Peter O is the best there is

3/3 with nothing but Stalla. Used Schweser for CAIA prep…Schweser sucks in comparison.

Me too 3/3 with Stalla; however I have always used Schweser for the exams. Stalla has great notes and I never read any of the CFA text and got a bit bored with the EOC’s. So basically Stalla (although I worked to understand the material - most of it was not new to me), did a ton of Schweser QBank (LI and LII) and did a ton of old exams and Schweser Exams. I also used Secret Sauce for all three levels.

So Stalla has better notes than Schweser?

I felt like it did. What stalla lacks is in the quality of their questions. I found schweser’s q-bank to be significantly better.

Agree with deep2002 that I thought the quality of the questions weren’t great, but that seemed most evident at LIII and less noticeable on first two exams. Notes were awesome–very thorough. Never saw anything on any of the 3 exams that I didn’t recall Stalla covering.