A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but how low can you go? Does age matter?

Say you were bezos! You are a 55 yo person with 4 kids, 1 of which is currently 18. How young of a person would you consider marrying?

my 27yo sista told me she would only date as high as 9 years higher than her age. anything else is creepy. i told her she was cray cray. personally i feel tehre is nothing wrong with a rich old wealthy dude with a poor hot young something as long as it is legal!

anyways here is a 90 day fiannce special on a really old 58 yo dude and a 19 yo shawty. anyways lots of people found him creepy and a bully for trying to get her to sign a prenup and take birth control! they considered him a control freak that is taking advantage of someone who is young. most people cared more about her well being and didnt consider that maybe she is taking advantage of him for a green card! fannie stuff



Would your sister date Jeff Bezos?

I think a lot of guys here would date Jeff Bezos

They need to do a follow up show and see how many of these “marriages” last.

my sister would be down. haha. money can buy a lot of things.

but not all things. apparently some slavs cant be bought:


BSD bezos should have no self-imposed age restrictions… no one should be safe from his cunning linguist.

as for me, I veer away from the 18 - 20 y/o age group. Legal but not mature. On average, poor conversationalists. I couldn’t consistently date someone in this range.

1/2 your age + 7 years= minimum age of your girlfriend. A pretty good approximation of what is acceptable. Works less well the older you get.

So if you’re 30, your girlfriend should be at least 22.


Only in AF would the appropriate age of a gf be calculated using a mathematical equation :wink:

lambda x: x/2 + 7, age

think an optimization would be reworking this as a logarithm shaped function with max value tending to 30. From my small sample observations 30yo women will date anyone older than them. Meaning, for woman, the age delta stops mattering at around age 30

So you’re saying that I can date a 19 year old being 26?

that seems like an unnecessary headache. The lowest I can go right now is 26.

edit: wait, 26 divide by 2 plus 7 is 20 not 19. My bad. I’m great with numbers by the way. Shoutout, the cfa program!