A move from Risk to Corporate / Investment Banking

Hi guys,

I am a CFA charterholder and have been working as a Senior Risk Analyst first at one of the big 4 audit firms and then at a mid tier commercial bank.

After attaining my charter this year I have been thinking of making a move from risk to corporate / investment banking. At my current employer corporate banking deals with credits to corporates whereas invetsment banking deals with equity and fixed income investments. I can immediately get a transfer to corporate banking whereas a move to invetsment banking will need me to move to new city.

Down the line I plan on moving to Canada where my immigration is under process. I was wondering if moving to Corporate banking now would be a good move of should I stick around in risk management.

P.S My current grade is AVP and have almost 6 years of experience in risk management.


What’s a cfa charterhouse fool?

I have worked for years but have still been unable to attain the grade of Alien Vs Predator.