a new winning strategy

to all those who are not feeling very confident right about now…

i finished my first pass through about two weeks ago when i took my first test: 61%. I did some more tests and the results were dissapointing 50% to 58%. I was cursing myself and thought “well i might not well go to the exam”. at one point i thought that i need to pull myself together and just try every minute available to imporove. so i focused for a few days and took another exam and got 70% for which i am extremely happy.

keep pushing!

I spent my last practice exam hiding under some coats and I am VERY happy with the result.

In all seriousness my first practice exam was a 62.5%. The good news for me was there was a lot of “damn I know what they are talking about but I just can’t quite answer the question” Like for example I just couldn’t for the life of me remember how to do the double taxation on Dividends and then guessed wong.

Anyways after reading my notes and drilling a few questions. I knew that there was easily another 15-20% that I would get right if I did it again. Now I know one practice exam isnt’ representative of the entire curriculum but the point is even if you get something wrong after just reading it a couple times, it should stick after working through some problems. Its just a matter of bringing all the material in your head back to a place where you can recall it and answer questions on exam day,

So whats the new winning strategy?

ssshhhh…it’s a secret.