a newbie is looking for advice

Hi experts,

I worked as tax accountant for years and sick of public practice. About half an year ago I got into an asset management firm as financial accountant by chance and my current role is pretty much back office but I want to know more about the industry and products, so I have the following questions:

  • If CFA useful in my case if I want to do a bit sale task as well in the future?

  • If it makes any sense for an accountant in asset management firm to take CFA program? If so, which career direction should I look at after the program?

Many thanks in advance,

Yes, the CFA is a highly prestigious designation and may help you on your career journey, but it takes an average of about 4 years to complete all 3 levels and costs between $4-5k (this is even before potential exam rewrites).

Roles in corporate finance are quite varied, but with regards to employers, there’s a core four.

  1. Banks
  2. Institutions
  3. Corporates
  4. Public Accounting firms


  • identify a few key points
  1. what sector in corporate finance suits your personality best,
  2. what kind of compensation are you looking for, and
  3. how do you plan on entering or landing the job?

Once you figure this out, you will see whether or not it’s even necessary to take the CFA. The pass rate for all 3 CFA levels is like 20% so be sure to think hard about it.


There’s plenty of other online financial courses out there which are way more affordable, practical, and that can be obtained faster

Based on where you’re at, no, the CFA wouldn’t be worth it. If you aspire to be a PM, analyst, or go into certain sales roles, then yes, it would.

If you are already in the door then it will have limited benefit. Needed for certain roles but you would really need to be sure of career direction. Know plenty of people doing well in asset management firms without it but undoubtedly will give you the edge.