A partial list of things you don't hear about anymore

Feel free to add your own:

  1. Pedophilia rings headed by Hillary Clinton

  2. Sealed indictments

  3. The Podestas

  4. False flags

  5. Tea party rallies protesting out of control spending

  6. The deep state

  1. The Light

  2. People making fun of the Eagles for never winning a Super Bowl

  1. Oxypowder stories.

  2. Men who eat live snakes.

  3. Alex Jones daily digest.

qqqbee, my friend, you have not been forgotten.

My favorite was the weekend Antifa was supposedly arranging a nationwide attack in like every major city.

Then I’m pretty sure the only thing that happened that weekend was Rand Paul’s neighbor beat him up over a landscaping dispute.

lol. that tea party one is pretty hilarious.

pokhim’s coke/asian encounter

itera’s negativity. real talk moments.

cvm’s opinion

  1. Calm before the storm

  2. All is going according to plan

  3. 4chan/qAnon

Fast pitch adult baseball

Chipotle’s product innovation process.

If Taco Bell’s menu is any indication, the new CEO at Chipotle is going ot bring all kinds off diverse ass blasting greatness to the menu.

Bl@ck Lives Matter




“Provisional Government”

Budget bill successfully negotiated

“Gray area”



Solid state electronics