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Guys I missed all the discussion on that Link part!! I just logged in now and this is what I see Get June 2008 Level I exam results Sign up for the December 2008 or June 2009 exam Read the July candidate newsletter Get details on Level III essay questions Read annual reports for the FSA readings All of the above link are enabled. Can someone please help me understand what the discussion was and what , if anything, the links above tell me. i know its just 3 hours to results but i wanted to know please Thanks, Bilal

You need to try to register for the Dec 2008/Jun2009 exam . You will go to a screen where all the mysterious link appearing and disappearing happpened.

it takes me to the page below where i can see…where is the link which appears and dissapears…please help! Profile Update Personal Profile Update Professional Profile Update Work Experience Update Education Customer Service Browse FAQs Submit a Service Request Check Status of a Service Request

everyone is seeign what you are seeing right now. This wasn’t the case a couple of days back.