A Question about QBank

Hello, this is my first post…so go easy!! I signed up to do Level 1 in August (taking the exam in December 2008), and I bought the Schweser text books, in addition to the CFAI materials. But I keep seeing all these posts about the QBank questions. Am I right in thinking you have to buy these from Schweser? From their website it looks like they are $349??? Basically I can’t afford to buy anything else (there’s no options for my company to pay, they said no!) and was wondering if there is anywhere I can get some practise questions without having to pay even more for them? Thanks in advance, and I’ll be on this site pretty much every day from now until December the 6th, its great to see such help and support so readily available :slight_smile:

mail me at esumitkansal@gmail.com

I’m in pretty much in the same situation as you Bexter. My company is dragging their feet on approving additional costs over and above the CFA sign-up fee. From what I know, it is essential to purchase (again, more money) the practice exams offered through CFA. I think they offer 3 or 4 and they cost around $50 each. http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/resources/sampleandmockexams.html Since the exams aren’t released yet, I feel obligated to shell out the cash for QBank. It sucks, but compare the $350 to the future earnings potential you expect to receive by having a CFA designation. Steve

Hey Steve, I knows it hard isn’t it. My company haven’t/won’t pay for anything. I’ve already shelled out about £595 for the exam/registration, £300 for books etc etc, and I just literally can not afford another penny. I’d really like to get the QBank, but unfortuantely not an option at that price. Scheweser must be making some serious money!!