a question about this year's exam for the repeaters

did anyone else find this years harder than last year? I felt like if I wrote last year’s exam I would have aced it. I felt that this year ,they were definitely out to get you and anyone that studied with schweser. I mean 10% of the exam on Good accounting?!?! The only reasion it was in there this much was because Schweser did not cover it, what a load of BS. I found this year a lot tougher. I hope I was not the only one and I definitely don’t have a good feeling after writing this years.

i actually found this years easier because i was better prepared. 8 weeks last year did not really help. i mean i’m not saying i found it easy. there was a lot of stuff i did not expect either. nothing about multinationals, minority investments, etc… 12 questions on accrual accounting and revenue recognition? whooooooo…

ditto…after last year’s morning session I thought I had it in the bag and then the afternoon portion hit… got bin 9’d This year…thought I failed after the morning session given the subject matter, and then aftern the afternoon session put my scores in between bins 2-4 This sucks

i totally agree with deep. Last year’s paper was definitely easier. in fact, it looked like the aim of this year’s paper was to confuse you. Both the answers seem correct most of the time.

Last year I thought was tough, but then again I hadn’t fully prepared for it like this year. I’d say just the same as last year - then again I’d expect it to be a little bit tougher since there were only 3 answers vs. 4. I thought AM this year was tough but fair. Last years AM was much easier than PM. PM last year was much rougher than either AM or PM this year. Overall this year’s was more even handed throughout, although the first half of PM this year was easier than expected.

Agreed, I got a good rapping on the accruals since the last time I looked at it was Jan. Morning was good times and een the first half of PM. Went in the shitter after that.

i wonder how bannisja and cpk123 did .

I took it back in 2007 (the infamous Treynor Black year with a 36% passing rate) so I don’t know about last year. But I definitely think this was a tough one. Hope I did enough to pass. I hate that “not knowing” feeling. This being my second time, I thought I would walk out feeling fully confident. But I gotta say, it could go either way. Ouch! I found the AM easier than the PM. This could be somewhat related to stamina though. Who knows?

I feel this was easier than last year but don’t know whether I am passing or not. Time series, Port mana, Der and unearned revenue were pretty tough

This year AM was much harder then anything I ever seen. Everybody I talked too thought it was easily 20-30% harder then last year. PM was much easier and more similiar to the Mocks.

Last years was much easier but I wasnt prepared then…