A question from L2 candidate

Hi guys I know there is no more time to study and i feel very bad after scoring between 60 and 70% of all the CFA mock and samples. Since you guys had passed L2, could you tell me if the real exam is more difficult than the CFA mock. If so, I rather not go for the exam. Many thanks

We didnt have mocks, only samples. I’d say a tad easier.

Are you serious? You’ve paid the money, you’ve studied, and because you’re getting 60-70% you’re not going to take it!! Where is your discipline? Take the F’ing test. You have nothing to lose. If you dont’ take it you’ll never know. In my opinion anything betweehn 60-70% on test day is a pass.

last year i got in the 50’s and 60’s on the sample L2 exams the day before and passed…

Thanks guys I am just so frustrated, my score keeps going down and down by the effort i put in this exam… I used to be very confident in any exam in my life but this is just too much And many of my friends have decided to give up…

Tell them they are F’ing pansies… I dont understand why people just dont take a shot at it, you can’t get your money back so you have nothing to lose but 8 hours out of your day, come on. Well if they give up on an exam, lets hope there is never a draft b/c I dont want those kinds of people fighting next to me, them cowards ;). “rant off”.

Take it. The passmark for any CFA will not be higher than 70 and will most likely be lower by at least several percentage points. The sample and mock exams, in my estimation are harder. I scored higher than them in level 1 and level 2 (I still scored decently on them). Besides that if what you did represented the actual difficulty you will be in good shape.

well, if you dont take the test, you dont have to say “I failed”. thats the only difference. what behavioral concept is that willy?

There’s nothing bad about 60% to 70% on the samples. The Minimum Passing Score is probably somewhere between 60% and 70%. So without any other info one might guess that your chances are 50-50, and probably better than that. Taking the worser case of 50-50… are you saying you’d rather not sit for the exam with a 50% shot of making it? That’s simply crazy. You don’t want to spend another $600 and year of your life at L2. Most item sets consist of 2 easy, 2 medium, and 2 difficult problems. If you can do all the easy and medium problems, and do the difficult ones in areas that you decide to be strong on, that should do the trick. And remember, you still have a 25% chance of guessing correct on the difficult ones (33% next year… yeah!). The real trick is not to miss the easy ones… so stay calm and be sure to read the questions carefully.

Take it. I have a long and consistent list of “failed” on the CFA sample exam site for L2 and my actual results were destruction. (Plus of course the behavioral stuff Willy mentioned)

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > We didnt have mocks, only samples. I’d say a tad > easier. . . . and we had to walk uphill both ways, in the snow, with dogs nipping out our heels to take our test!

Really appreciate all of your postings in such sentitive time. I will take this damn exam, so that at least i am not a looser even if i fail. Good luck everybody and I will surely update you on my peformance, if all the theory of optimism work i can officially jump to this forum next year (who knows??!!)

GUYS I wanted to update you all on my results today. I PASSED…OMG, too happy!!!


landry, made the move to the big fourm. Nice!!!