A Question on Repo Collateral Liquity

hi guys, i have a question on liquidy of collateral in Repo and whether it affects Repo rate?

I didn’t notice it covered anywhere in the book but wonder whether low liquidity of collateral would increase Repo rates?


I would put liquidity of collateral in the “quality” characteristics, so higher quality collateral, all else equal, gives lower repo rate

Tricky question… What if you have two assets - $100 million of cash in a box or the original Mona Lisa portrait. Which would command the lower repo rate?

Mona Lisa portrait has low liquditiy and is a scarce asset.

Ha Ha Ha! Guess it depends on the degree of liquidity and scarecity :stuck_out_tongue:

Thansk Gregg, guess i will go with this.

If the mona lisa was valued at $100mm I would take the $100mm every day.