a question regarding to Reading 15

from practice problem no. 2 (P.89, V. 2), it says the most likely short-run effect on the housing market of a natural disaster is … choices are A. increase in supply B. decrease in supply C. increase in demand D. decrease in demand it said B) decrease in supply i wonder in case B isn’t a choice here, can i answer C? Thanks for your help!

The first effect on the housing market due to a natural disaster will be a “decrease in supply”… It is this “decrease in supply” that results in an “increase in demand”… So, I would go in for B…

understood, thankssssss

assuming that the natural disaster didn’t cause a significant amount of fatalities, the same amount of people are going to want/need housing. the most likely scenario is that the disaster caused some housing complexes to be uninhabitable (destroyed, flooded, etc), which decreases the supply while demand stays constant