A question to those Ipad users in the financial industry

Hi guys,

I hope you guys are having a great time, resting and chilling until the exam results come out.

I was thinking of buying an Ipad mini as I think it would be useful for my work.

If I have an Ipad mini, I would bring it to company visits to take notes.

I would also be able to read macro and sector-related articles through its applications.

What else can I do with the Ipad mini for my job as a sell-side research analyst?

Please share your experience with me.

Thank you!

How long does the battery last for Samsung note? I heard you can do web-surfing for more than 10 hours with Ipad.

I have an ipad mini in a case with a built in pad of paper in case I need to write something quickly. My previous employer gave out ipads to partners for business purposes.

I mainly use mine to catch up on emails, read news, watch netflix and I studied on the go with it.

AfricaFarmer made a good point on studying. I travelled to a review course this year, and it was a great help to not have to bring along the curriculum since it was all on my iPad.

Some other ways that I use my iPad is reading, researching, and writing articles/reports in various locations out of the office. Our office has integrated Apple TV into our conference rooms, so the iPad is a great tool that I can bring into meetings to draw out concepts in a meeting with clients. I haven’t seen anything as easy to integrate for that type of interactive application as Apple TV and the iPad, but I also haven’t looked for anything :wink:

I say go for it! I also keep mine at my desk with various market apps up and running almost as an additional monitor. Lots of ways to use one.

Read the Wall Street Journal, amongst other publications.

I have an iPad mini and am very happy with it. I’m too invested in the Apple ecosystem to quit without substantial switching costs, but for someone who isn’t already committed to one or the other, I don’t see the iPad as so much better than the alternatives. I do like the interface much better than Windows oriented stuff, but Android is a perfectly reasonable competitor.

When I bought the mini, I was replacing a full sized iPad 2. I was concerned that the mini size would bother me, but I also wanted to save $$ somewhere. As it turns out, I hardly ever find myself wishing for a larger screen (except occasionally when watching a video), and much more often find myself thankful for the more portable size and weight. That said, the iPad Air does feel good in the hands, but I’ve never found myself wishing I’d paid $100 more for it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8" (basically similar size to iPad), which I occasionally use to read since it’s easier on the eyes. I also have a keyboard that I use with it when I want to bring it with me to meetings. However, overall I use it very infrequently, probably like less than 2% of the time I am doing actual “work.”

I preferred this to an iPad because I like Android better, and it is also much more portable and can be held in one hand.

The only reason why I would use the Tab instead of a laptop is because of portability – so, it’s good for meetings and reading on the subways, but if I have to go to a full-day or multi-day conference, I’m definitely bringing the laptop instead.

7 hours of browsing searching

25 hours of talk time too apparently.