A Small Request

Can anyone email me the small interest rate tree that is a part of # 9675 in Schweser? It’s not loading here and I’m in the middle of a 60 bank test. I don’t want to spoil a 6 part vignette. My email address is ruhi223@gmail.com

Looking for it.

just shot it to you. that does not look like fun. it wouldn’t cut/paste the tree so I typed it for you.

Sent as an image attachment.

Thanks a lot you two! AF members are the best.

Hey Ruhi. I had the same exact problem a few days ago. I have the CD version Contacted schweser and they recommended me update my Qbank. Did that and it came back in the 2nd time fine. Sounds like you already have it but may be worth it to update.

May be a stupid question. How do I search/locate a specific question( given the question number like in the above post ex # 812) in the Schweserpro Qbank. Thanks

On the left hand navigation click search under the SchweserPro QBank title. Select “Search by Question ID#” on the drop down menu.

One more question regarding QBank: Is there a way to import/export the test statistics and summary like we have in Passmaster. What if the software crashes and we don’t know what question were done and what were not done :frowning:

GMofDen, Oh really? Hmm…need to take a look at that then. Dinesh, yes there is something called Performance tracker. I have the online version; so I don’t have to worry about software crashes.

Bannisja, Ruhi, Niblita75, I am facing the same problem… can someone mail me the interest tree for Q#9675. email id is ruckmani@gmail.com Thanks.