A waste of time??

Just wanted other peoples opinion on this. I work as an auditor in a top 10 accounting firm in Manchester, UK. I recently qualified as a Chatered Accountant with first time passes. During the same 3 years I studied for my CA qualification I also took CFA level 1 and 2 and passed those first time. My intentions were that as soon as I qualified as a CA I would move into an asset management company. However, I am struggling to find a company that will take me on. I’m now left with two options: 1) continue persuing my dream job in asset management and achieving the holy grail that is the CFA qualification 2) reconsider my future career path and take up some financial control role within industry. In which case the time and money spent on CFA has been largely wasted.

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You are too far along the CFA path not to finish it, especially given that passing is not a problem for you.

I think it would be crazy not to finish CFA…the labor market can’t last this way for ever, just as market bottoms always rebound too much work to waste

Kwonyboy, does your job qualify for the CFA work experience? It would be unfortunate if you are stuck in post-L3-but-not-a-CFA purgatory.

I don’t think my job will qualify for CFA work experience. Although parts of it do, the majority isn’t finance related. Thanks guys. I’ll keep pressing on for the right career for CFA.

Get the CFA. Plenty of people looking for CFA quals. Google efinancial careers. Certainly can’t hurt to do it/have it. You’ll find something in London eventually. More importantly what do you mean when you say you are struggling to find someone to take you on? Are you getting to the interview stage? Might be something really basic in your approach. Are you flexible on mobility? Then work abroad. Plenty of paths, you don’t provide enough information to work out why you aren’t having much joy. Btw, how are the kebabs at Abduls these days?

I think anyone who passed level 2 should try level 3 as many times as necessary until finish that thing, despite of the immediate career picture.

… but keep in mind he’s still 4 years out from being a CFA, even if he passes L3.

Does any employer, prospective or current, really care that you are not able to use the letters CFA? I would have thought the vast majority are far more interested in his intellect.

Which do you think is more valuable… the four years of hands-on experience or passing three tests?

That is a different point you raise. By that logic he could have the 4 years experience and not require the CFA designation at all. If he is trying to move into a position which requires someone with the knowledge (if you look at the ads, a lot of them ask for people working towards the CFA), it shouldn’t make a big difference. If you are looking at experience, different ball game.