A Way to Prioritize the Topics for Studying..

I’ve read this blog post:


And I kinda like his idea of picking the low hanging fruit to study and master first for the exam…


  1. Copy the excel table to your own spreadsheet.

  2. Go over your past CFA I results. In a new column (Column G), give yourself 1 point for a section that you score 70+, 2 points for 50-70, and 3 points for under 50. If you’ve failed CFA I multiple times, then take the average of the points (i.e. you scored Economics @ 50-70 once and 70+ another time, give yourself 1.5 points.)

  3. In another new column (Column H), calculate the following in cell H2:


And drag that down.

C = % of the exam the topic covers.

F = # of questions on the exam divided by the # of pages you need to read.

G = Your perceived difficulty of that section (based on your past exam results.)

4)Then sort the topics in descending order according to column H.

My results (from most to least worth studying):

Financial Statement Analysis Ethical & Professional Standards Fixed Income Investments Corporate Finance Equity Investments Quantitative Methods Economics Derivatives Portfolio Management Alternative Investments