a year after......

I passed the level 3 exam in 2007 and just come visiting all you guys here! everybody, cheer up. I wish you all the best!

Thanks Star Any do’s or dont’s for Level 3 preparation, Or things you felt you should have done or not done or focused more on… what was the most difficult part during the exam… Sorry for a volley of questions. Hope to listen from you soon.

Like Star, I passed III last year. Looking back, I used exclusively Schweser materials, but if I had to do it again, I would at least work on CFAI online practice exam, because I found Schweser questions might have been tougher, but actual exam was trickier.

For the love of all that is pure and holy, practice writing out your answers in full! That’s what bent me over on L2 when I wrote it, you’d be surprised how much slower you write in an exam when you realize 15 different markers have to be able to read it. Work on penmanship so it’s not a time-waster on exam day. Also, think of me shooting a 76 the weekend before the exam. Late May becomes a lot sweeter every year after you’ve passed.

same for me…

When you say “writing answers in full,” do mean DO NOT use “bullet point” method?