Aaaand another Schweser vs. CFAI question!

With feelings still fresh about how everyone handled the exam and levels of preparedness, it’s probably the best time to ask this.

I went CFAI cover-to-cover although I used Q-Banks and did watch Schweser videos in my review. I feel like I did reasonably well overall.

I’m curious to know how ppl feel about the exam depending on what prep material they primarily relied on.

I think it’s more about the level of preperation than the material itself. I could easily ace both exams if I had either on my lap.

If you are able to answer CFAI blue box and EOC questions by using schweser, then stick to schweser. If you don’t understand some areas from schweser but you are okie with majority of the topics, then supplement reading from CFAI for those weak areas. If schweser isn’t very helpful over all jump over to CFAI and figure it out asap, reading CFAI texts require time and patience.

I agree with MJ…If your base of knowledge is low, if you haven’t had too many finance classes, option, or investment classes then maybe read the CFAI. If you have a good starting point, then Schweser is a good study material.

I read the full curriculum this year, and it was very helpful for me in understanding some of the topic areas that schweser assumes you have a background knowledge in. I’m glad I read the full 2200 this year. But it did take forever. Start way way way early.

Becuase just reading the full 2200 wont get you anywhere near passing.

Lack of good practice questions was my biggest complaint. I have always hated the Q-Banks. The questions and answers just seem bad.

Many EOC CFAI questions seemed irrelevant. I honestly feel like EOC questions are mediocre at best, and only worth doing because there isn’t anything better to practice on.