Abbreviation in exam

Am I allowed to use abbreviation in the exam AM session?

Such as… CGT for Capital Gain Tax (provided that “capital gain tax” is the context of the question)

If it makes sense to the grader, then it will work. However why would you want to jeopordize any points?

Just take a few extra seconds and write out the entire equation without any “shortcuts” or “abbreviations”.

I wouldn’t recommend it… unless if it specified in question then it might be ok, otherwise write it all

I took a writing prep course and realized I’m guilty of this as well (I just do it naturally).

Nevertheless, the best practice is to read your answer after writing it, to make sure it’s clear/coherent, and spell out abbreviations. You’re likely to piss off the grader

i use it in the real world and on this exam…

Market = MKT

Internationakl = Int’l.