about 3 month left

Hi Guys, I am studying for June 08 level I. I have read through most CFA readings, ethics, quant, FSA, and econ an the rest used schweser notes. My plan of action is to go through all LOS questions in q-bank, identify problems areas, and re learn. Then go into test MGT section of q-bank, for the remaining 6-7 weeks. What do ya’ll think?

You’re in a very good position. Today I’m reviewing Econ to complete the Schweser note cards. Then I only have FSA left. I want to review a ton utilizing the CFA chapter end questions and Q-Bank. How rough is FSA really?

I was Finance undergrad and took some accounting courses and I still went over FSA twice and will most likley go over it agian. I felt as though the CFA text was too lengthly to unerstand so I used shweser for the second time.