About Financial Reporting SS 9 and 10

Hi All, I have revised Financial reporting session 8 in which all Financial statements cover and in Schewser I got around 75%. Now I want to know how much important are study session 9 & 10 as I am finding few chapters in them very boring. There are around 9-10 chapters in these study session and I have just covered only 3 of them. Can I leave some chapters in them or all they are important for FSA section. Please advice me in that front.

know Leases, Bonds, and DTA, DTL, there will be questions on these, how manY? maybe 4-6 total.

Hey man which chapters you are talking about… there are chapters on long live assets, liabilities and leases, inventories financial statements analysis techniques and application and some red flags etc standard coverage so can i leave all chapters excepts Asset, leases and liabilities. please tell me which one important.

what information does 9-10 cover?

SS 9 and 10 is related with FSA section and it all cover chapters of different accounting methods for Inventories selection, Long-Lived assets, Long term Liabilities & Leases, Income tax, Financial Accounting Techniques and application, international standard convergence, Financial report quality. Now tell me which chapters are important out of these and out of complete FSA weight age how much these 2 study sessions cover.

know it all, if you are struggling with a section, skip it, there will only be 2 questions max per each of the individual smaller sections