About hiring freeze

Hiring freeze for a big company means that they don’t hire until some time later, and they don’t know the date. Before that, they don’t hire anyone. Is that possible that the hiring freeze in a small company has some sort of flexibility? e.g., they may hire a couple, depending on their urgent need, but not a lot as before?

THere is always flexibility in a smaller firm as is in a bigger firm. Depends on the need of the position. For example if the receptionist quit and they do not have a back up then they would have to hire a receptionist. But as far as high salaried jobs, when a firm is frozen I would assume they are not hiring.

They would if they can’t fill the position internally. Let’s say for instance you’re the expert of a very specialized computer system, the company’s expert has just left and they can’t retrain someone fast enough to fill their needs, then they might make an exception and offer you the job. But by and large they’d try to make do with whatever staff they’ve already got.

Sometimes they will hire on a consultant basis if they have pots for consulting money but not hiring money. If they want you enough, sometimes they can bring you on board that way until there is hope that real hiring can happen. Consulting can be a good testing ground. I have found some clients that I would never want to be an employee for, but you can’t tell until you start working with them. Other clients are fine. Of course, they also get to know all of your foibles during this period, so if you don’t perform well, that can erode your bargaining power if and when a hiring thaw comes.

Yeah - if it helps, we are on a hiring freeze, but are hiring revenue producing individuals.

We are on a hiring freeze but it really just means the CEO has to approve every hire, even if it is in budget…

I have seen countless instances (in the past two months) where the company was (and still is) on hiring freeze and later they went ahead and recruited from top MBA colleges. Its just the matter of relations and if the company wants to maintain relation with the college, they do recruit. Same goes for off-campus recruitment. If you are exceptional or have great contacts, you really have nothing to worry about… uh oh… I am not too sure about the former.

They said they will hold hiring for a few weeks…hope that they can move forward after a few weeks or there is some sort of flexibility in there, crossing my fingers…