About mock exam...

Did you guys take mock exams after you have reviewed and felt comfortable about every topic or are you doing the both at the same time? The result could be very different… I haven’t taken any mock yet as I’m not confident to take it until I have refreshed all the sessions.

If I were you, i’d review the material first and take the mock exams as soon as possible, at least one by this weekend the latest. it’s important that you test your weaks and strengths.

Thank you aarguello. I feel I’m so left behind seeing everybody is taking mock for at least once now. I’ve reviewed all the materials for only once but forgot those that I did 3 months ago. I’m trying to finish all the Qs in passmaster before the end of this week just to refresh my memories, but I plan to take 1 CFAI one on Thanksgiving day and 2 for this coming weekend. I’m so afraid to take any mock now… just don’t want to ruin my confidence.

^ I know how you feel man, the best thing to do is just do it, come what may, don’t overthink it

I agree with brafique. Just take the first one to see where you’re weak and then revise and take the second mock.

I’m doing the same thing… I read the material once but forgot most of what I read, so I’m reviewing most of the material before I take a sample/mock. I’m still reviewing, haven’t taken any tests yet.

cfa08 id strongly recommend you to take some tests. dont worry if you get in the 50s or 60s. most of us on here are, with the exception a few - some of those are retakers too. its important that you get into thje test mode rather than just conitnually review. i havent gotten over 70 in 1 test yet (ive done 4 in schweser book 6, the 2 BSAS tests + 3 CFAi samples). im going to try to cover all my weak areas (identified from those tests) over the next 2 weeks. not testing yourself wont identify the weak areas.

Thanks a lot djjk1. I will do one tomorrow and see how it goes. By the way, what is the BSAS test? Are the CFAI samples the 1 free when we registered and the other 2 we have to buy?

Just found out what BSAS test is in another post:http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,865821

I did part of Book 6 test #1, the sections that I already reviewed… but when i got to the ones I haven’t reviewed yet, I didn’t know how to do the questions at all! I thought it was a waste of time just guessing… so I now i’m continuing with my review on the sections I left. I anticipate being done the review by Friday… and then do all of Book 6. Is that not a good plan?? Oh but with my review I’ve been doing lots of questions… all the LOS quizzes in Qbank and the whole Session exam.

that should be fine. make sure you focus on understanding the questons you got wrong as you mark an exam. id do this before you move on to the next test. hopegfully you should start to see your scores improving.