About Mock exams and practice questions

There are many programmes available on the web to choose for CFA. More precisely, I want to know which preparation company do offer the best matrial( practice and mock exams) that are mimic to and good representation of Real exam. i don’t bother about QUANTITY , I prefer QUALITY.

What about Question bank?

Might as well utilize the free CFAI mock exam, also the EOC CFA textbook questions are good if you have not done them yet. As these are produced by CFAI they should be most accurate sample of what test will be like.

Thanks Swatty 27. would it be enough for judging my competency level for CFA by giving just 1 mock exam provided by CFA institute and some sample questions?? i won’t give myself any room for 2nd chance or attempt to BEAT it. what I have to do, i must do at the same time, even if it means putting myself on the edge. The real investor optimizes its wealth with minimizing its potential threat at the same time. As I am planning to go for CFA level 1 2013, i have plenty of time. I think CFA level 1 is comparatively easy to crack.However, any more suggestion??