About to buy more questions / Tests

I’m about to pull the trigger on WIley’s practice questions (Kaplan’s SUCK). Does anyone have a suggestion (I like Bloomberg but I haven’t heard much)?

I’m waiting a bit longer to go after all of the CFAI online questions.


I’m thinking of the same. I finished all schweser qbank and scored very high on those but apparently they are super easy compared to the cfai questions I started doing this week. Which question provider has good questions in vignette format?

IFT is very good

I’ve been using Wiley and their QBank is way better than Kaplan’s, though it does have its pitfalls with spelling errors and equations that can sometimes be slightly off. I’ve been plowing through the QBank and probably once I feel comfortable enough I will move on to mock/practice exams, but those I will choose Kaplan since they seem the most similar in style and format you will see on the exam.