About to start study...

any advice people, where to start, what to avoid? i know i’m leavin it late but i started a new job a while back with a steep learning curve nd i’ve just been too mentally wrecked till now to do work… so anythin?

if waiting til june isnt an option get schweser. not a chance of getting through cfai by dec. dont start with ethics wait till the last week for that. the rest you can/should do in order. good luck

Not to say that the economics portion isn’t important, but I would leave that out for now if time is an issue. I would focus on FSA and Corp Finance since that is the meat and potatoes of the exam.

Everything is important but I would try and master FSA and Quant, Corp Finance and Portfolio Managment is easy. Read Ethics 2 days and the day before the exam. You can pass just gotta spend the time taking a ton of practice questions.