About to take Mock #2

Anyone else want to aim for a 3:00pm ET start time? Then we can complain about it after?

I wish…I’ll be starting mock 2 at about 5:30 CST. Work is really getting in the way of my studying!

mock 2 on the schedule for tomorrow or Thursday.

Just finished Mock2, going over my mistakes now. Finished with 70% but there’s a handful that I should have known. Probably going over F.I. today and it’s been forever since I’ve look at porfolio management. That shouldn’t take too long though, pretty short section…

I got a 76% which shocked the heck out of me. Ethics and Quant were crazy easy. Some of the valuation questions caught me off-guard and I gave up a bunch of easy points.

Yeah I got 50% on econ which is my strong suit and have never scored that low before, but its good going back in seeing your mistakes so you don’t repeat them on the exam, just more things you’re learning.

On the other hand, there weren’t any questions with leasing, capitalizing, or a slew of other topics that could crush me.

scored very low on econ and FSA in mock 2. Got exactly 70% total. creepy.

I just finished Mock 2. I was mentally prepared for <70, but pulled out a 78 somehow. I thought it was much harder (except for Quant) than Mock 1. My scores were basically in the 50’s and 60’s or 80’s and 90’s…no topic in the 70’s, actually. I thought it was weird how in the Ethics questions were worded. There were a lot of “which standard did Joe LEAST likely violate”, and I’m used to more MOST likely in that section. There seemed to be a lot of topics that other exams had not covered, which was really frustrating, but probably a good thing for reviewing. Anywho, time to go over the whole thing before I forget the questions.