Absolutely sick and tired of ELAN BULL**** SERVICE

I havnt recieved my books.

Several readings are not availble online.

They don’t anwser emails/phone calls.


I was hesitant to get the elan books before (website is terrible, other people saying they have bad service, etc.) but this topped it off for me and I went with Schweser. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully they get their stuff together soon because it sounds like their material is great.

Yeah and isn’t that what is most important? I’m also waiting on most of my Elan hardcopies but at least I can view the rest online for now. It is annoying how bad their customer service is but in the end what matters is the quality of the content.

I emailed them and they got back within a day and a half. I’m okay with that.

They said they’ll be shipping book 3 this upcoming week.

Probably doesn’t help that their printers & inventory are in Pakistan…

You can always just do it the old fashioned way like me and read the CFAI books :wink:

Except apparently the employee comp section in CFAI books is extremely confusing and Elan mentions at least a few times to only read their material on it

Easy to understand the OP’s frustration here, but I’ll chime in from my experience.

I used Schweser for Level I and bought their stuff for Level II. I had found QM pretty hard, but when I reached Econ and FRA it was just mind-bogglong for me. The CFAI was NO help. Try studying growth theories in econ and pensions in accounting if you dont know what im talking about.

I was advised to buy the Elan video on pensions and it was explained so well (four hours long by the way). I switched over to their stuff pretty late in the day, and I owe them a lot for my eventual pass. Plus the guys there obviously are Arsenal fans too!! so they get my vote.

Don’t recall any issues with customer service (I probably just emailed one or two times) but if most of the material is available online already, then just go with the online package?

Thank you to semantics for the info. I’m glad to hear that élan is shipping the vol 3 in this coming week.

After reading your post about their inventory being in Pakistan, I did a little check on them and it turns out that their ceo (Basit Shajani) is from Pakistan who left ELAN recently and joined Wiley (the company which publishes official CFAI curriculum) so that might be the problem behind the shipment delay.

Demanding all my $ back

Their CEO bailed? In what was most likely a one man show? And with no public announcement to their customers? That is NOT good news.

Does this mean we arent getting our books, mocks, and all the other crap?

I despise elan, bunch of theifs

No, that’s not what it means. You need to relax.

Ack. This is concerning as someone that has already bought their services. The timing of this is not ideal. Hopefully as a part of the sale, Elan’s material will still be available for 2014 b/c I don’t want to rely on just Schweser. Elan/Wiley needs to address this to their customers very soon.

Regardless of the news, the exam will continue to be held in June. I strongly urge everyone to hit the books and not let this bog you down, as negative and nettling this may seem. Good luck!

Elan and WILEY!? That is quite a news!

I don’t think Elan can bail on us though. They just uploaded the new chapters of Equity and AI last week. They wouldn’t have, if they had plan to run away.

I sent elan an email. Here’s the reply i got.

Hi Nikki, Yes, Elan Guides has been acquired, but this in no way impacts you as our precious customers. The same Elan team will continue to do all the content, and of course you will receive all your materials shortly. We will meet all our commitments and as always our emphasis will be on providing candidates with the best CFA prep materials. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Have a wonderful day!

On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 5:10 PM, Nikki Jason <****@gmail.com> wrote: Hey, Just got to know from AF that Elan Guides has been acquired. Is it true? Does that mean I’ll not receive the books that i have been waiting for so desperately? and will the content team be different? Please tell me ASAP since I’m worried. Regards, Nikki

So, when will we get the vol 3&4 (hard copies)? Anyone?

Wow you got a same day reply, I emailed them last week and haven’t heard back.

No need to be racist here folks. It looks like Elan team has clearly “joined” Wiley. It isnt as if they’ve bailed or been dissolved or their CEO has left Elan and took a job at Wiley like it has been portrayed here. Its interesting that the publishers of the CFAi curriculum have acquired Elan. If anything, it speaks highly of their content and their team.