ACCA/ACA vs CAIA - Which is more difficult ?

So I’m taking Level II in Sept and feeling relatively comfortable, so I’m thinking what to do next. I was considering taking either the CFA or ACCA/ACA but to be honest, there are lots more opportunities where I am for accountants (offshore).

I know that it takes longer to pass ACCA/ACA vs the CAIA but I would be interested to get some insight from those who have studied/passed both. For example, which is more difficult ? Do you have to devote more time to study or was it about the same as CAIA (but just over a shorter period) ? Is the material harder or easier than that contained within CAIA ? How quick did you manage to pass ACCA/ACA, was it about 2 to 3 years ?

With CFA, I kind of understand what I would be letting myself in for !!! For that reason, I want to know more about ACCA/ACA before I make any decisions.


I can’t really give you a good answer to your question; but I do find the ACA curriculum very interesting. CFA is great knowledge and so is CAIA