acceptable language on essay questions?

Hi, everyone, I am just wondering what level of shortcut is allowed on the actual exam. For example, “interest rate raising will decrease the market value of bond portfolio” can I write, “(up symbol) interest rate => (down symbol) bond portfolio mkt value?”

please don’t , too hard to read even on AF

IF you are behind due to time constraint, I’d say do it. If I was a grader, I’d understand what you meant. Up arrow is UP, and down arrow is DOWN, I don’t need to be a genius.

what if the grader was PMSing?

I would spice up your essays with some sexually violent words. Guaranteed credit. For some bonus points, add good helping of racial slurs.

Serious answer: abbreviations are OK, but only if the person grading it understands. I’d use them sparingly. Inappropriate answer: Include sexually explicit drawings as well. Grading must be boring as hell, you’ll get definite bonus points for originality.

u know, in all seriousness, i plan to refrain from cuteness, witticisms and yes, even pornographic drawings. i doubt you’ll get any points for personality. afterall, more than 1 person will read your stuff (they do check each other) and cuteness can backfire just as likely as not. my plan is to be as concise and clear as possible. i’ll try to stay away from shorthand and abbreviation, which will be kinda tough since i was an econ student, and using up / down is v. naturally 4 me => shorthand being v. tempting

hmm, perhaps you’re right. I’ll make sure that all my pornographic drawings are done on scrap paper.