Accepting responsibility for Clinton's loss

In a nutshell, Navin Nayak, the director of opinion research for the Clinton campaign, blames the loss on James Comey.

Not exclusively, of course. He blames Green Party candidate Jill Stein as well. Pretty cheeky of her to run, I suppose.

If it were Comey’s fault, it seems to me that that implies that:

  1. Without Comey’s announcements it is inevitable that Clinton would have won the election, and
  2. After Comey’s announcements, there was nothing the Clinton campaign could do to overcome them, nor was there anything thee Clinton campaign could have done before the announcements that would have made them inconsequential.

The former might well be true, though “inevitable” seems to be a pretty high bar to hurdle.

The latter almost certainly isn’t true. I suspect that the blame more properly rests on complacency of Clinton’s campaign: they felt that they were sufficiently, comfortably ahead that they didn’t need to continue to push to ensure that their supporters would, ultimately, be their voters.

But, I suppose that it’s too much to expect that Nayak would come out and say, “Well, we blew it.”

That’s disappointing. Not surprising, but disappointing.

A Democrat didn’t get their way, so they blamed a Republican! I just cannot believe that happened!!!

The election result was worth it, if just for the fact that it proved that this douchebag was completely wrong.

^I hope that hipster had his therapy dog, play-doh, and coloring books near by.

He may well not be an idiot, but he certainly looks like one.

I hope that it’s just the play-doh and coloring books.

I wouldn’t wish that on any dog. Even an ugly one.

Typical. democrats are so smug, they can’t see past the fact they lost because of Hillary. They agreed to rig their own party nomination to put her on a pedestal despite knowing she comes with a LOT of baggage, and then blame the baggage when she loses?? LOL

But hey, the improvement is that they stopped blaming Bush for everything.


Now Hillary is blaming the FBI as well.

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to a donor who relayed the remarks. But, she added, “our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

We’re going to have eight years of Trump at this rate.

I think that you’re saying that Hillary, _ too _, is blaming the FBI (in addition to Nayak blaming them).

That’s news.

If you’re saying that she’s blaming the FBI, too (in addition to blaming others, like Jill What’s-her-name) . . . well, that’s pretty much what the original article said. (True: it said that it was her campaign’s director of opinion research who said it, but if she had disagreed with him strongly, she’d have told him to shut up.)

If Trump does even a “decent” ok job (bar is quite low), this could be very true.

With the all-powerful Clinton family now fallen, there is no real leadership left for the democrats, at a time when the party is under turmoil with scandal and rigging. Like the VP hillary choose Tim Kaine, that guy was a total pawn, during the VP debate, he came off like a spineless Hillary yes-man.

It is true Comey committed election fraud, and yes very high probability Clinton would have won.

You should find the lack of real vote is disappointing. The Americans got scammed, again.

You should find a different tune to whistle. This one’s trite, and wrong.

You’ll never admit it, of course.

W is W. GG No Re

Why? You guys keep getting scammed precisely because of this short memory. enlightened

You seriously need to work on your reading comprehension; I already answered that question, in the very post you quoted:

Millions of people can’t be “wrong” kiddo, the existence of their belief makes it so. Millions of Americans don’t vote because they know the election is a scam. Millions of Americans did vote, and their vote didn’t count, and they think the election is a scam. You can call them “wrong”, but they don’t care what you think, American elections lack credibility, the whole world knows that.

This further loss of credibility is more damage to America, you can’t sell your “democracy” scam to other countries, cause they saw how it turned out for you. Think big picture, if you are able. Your ship is sinking.

Please stop the “kiddo” crap. You’re nothing but an ass.

And millions of people can, in fact, be wrong.

I never called them “wrong”. I called you wrong. Mainly because you are.

Seriously, you need to work on your reading comprehension. It’s abysmal.