Access restricted - PCP Block (ERROR by THEM!)

Anyone has trouble accessing the account? It says online that my account access was restricted. Not sure why. I have been trying to call the CFA institute a few times over the past week, but got no response after waiting for almost an hour.

UPDATE: After an hour of wait to get to talk to the customer care, they said my account has a PCP block, and asked me to email the PCP ( including letting me know that I would not receive an response after a few weeks…:(;( I have no clue what happened. I searched my email box and there is no email from the Professional Conduct Program. With the level 3 result coming out in one week, I am very frustrated. Can anyone shed some light if you had similar experience?

UPDATE 2 : PCP wrote back to me and said it was an error on their end!!! What an error. I am speechless.

CFA Institute is asking everyone to reset their passwords this week, it seems.

yes,I did that. I got the error info since last week actually…
I just want to access my level II exam result

Well that is certainly frustrating! Good luck in your conversations with the CFA Institute. Hopefully their twch team can fix it or they can just ensure that your results come by email.

Thank you!

I can’t believe it. I reached out to PCP, and they said it was an error on their end!!

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Hi this is happening to me as well today.
The same access restricted dialouge is popping up
Can you plz help out with the procedure
Also what is PCP?

Phenylcyclohexyl piperidine

(There’s an outside chance – slim, but a possibility – that they mean the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program.)

I contacted them via emails and
PCP is professional conduct program.
I don’t have any prohibitions relating to any professional conduct whatsoever, still this is happening.