Access Scholorship Data Collection - Quick and Dirty

Hey Guys,

Since we’re all clearly interested in this Access Scholarship “tell,” let’s try to access the information in this thread.

First: Follow these steps

To See the access scholarship,

1). Login to member page 2.) In search box ” apply Scholarship” 3.) scroll to bottom of scholarship page, click to apply 4.) As soon as you click to apply, you should see a link in your “Manage applications” profile.

You should see two options: One is “Apply for 2017 Scholarship” and the other has both an “Apply for 2017 Scholarship” and “Not Eligible.”

After finding out which you have, come on here and answer the following questions:

Which message did you receive (both or Apply for 2017 Scholorship only).

Are you a CFA member, affiliate, or a candidate only?

How confident did you feel you passed the exam (1-10 scale).

The only way to determine if this is a tell is to concisely collect data and going from there. Try to keep non-data off of this thread to make the collection process easier.

For the record: I’m a CFA member, I felt I passed 8/10, and I have both messages.

Good Idea - even if I am convinced it doesn’t mean anything.

  1. I see both options - I see the not eligible portion

  2. I am a CFA member

  3. 6 scale - 55% pass / 45% fail

-I have nine boxes, which I think is linked to Dante’s Inferno???

-Affiliate with benefits

-Confidence: 1

I get both messages, I am just a candidate (although I have all my work experience etc qualified) and, gun to my head, I would say I feel I passed.

  1. I see both messages

  2. I am not a CFA member/ L3 candidate only

  3. I think I did OK on the exam (but hard to say for sure)

  1. I see both options - I see the not eligible portion

  2. Not a member - CFA candidate only

  3. 4 scale - 40% pass / 60% fail

  1. Only see 1 message

  2. Not a CFA member / candidate only

  3. Confidence in passing (7-8)

  1. I see only Apply Box

  2. Candidate Only

  3. 5 out of 10

  1. I see both options

  2. Candidate Only

  3. Feel same as previous two levels, prepared well, but anything possible.

  1. Both options visible

  2. Candidate only

  3. Felt good about exam, but as laguna said, anything is possible

  1. both options

  2. candidate only

  3. 60/40 pass

  1. ‘Apply for 2017’ only

  2. candidate

  3. 4/10

1 Both options

2 Candidate

3 3/10

  • both

  • candidate only

  • 7/10 pass

Able to apply Candidate only 70% confident I failed okay 80% confident

Do you see both options or just the one?

Apply for 2017 and Manage Application. There is no “ineligible” or similar message

You have both options indicating a potential pass but only 3/10 confidence.

Just curious. What were you roughly scoring on mocks going in to the exam? thanks

Early thoughts

Parsing through the joke ones or the one guy that only has CFA Level 1, it seems there’s a much lower confidence level for people that are unable to see both messages than those who can. Obviously this is not perfect, but it seems like it could be a snafu from CFA’s coders and IT field. From what I know about web design, it’s hard to make changes behind the scenes and not have a tell to the client-facing site. Most people don’t pay attention, but it’s hard to do.

Digestable takeaways so far:

As previously stated: Both messages tend to have higher confidence levels.

If this is a true “tell,” AF tends to have a higher pass rate than the entire candidate population.

The CFA status (member, candidate, or affiliate) seems to not matter here.

I didn’t ask “did you apply for the scholarship before?” Maybe that’s the real variable?

Also, I have never submitted an application for scholarship. I did have pending to test this theory out after the exam, but was never submitted. I have since withdrawn the application and still only see one “box” (no “not eligible” message)