Accessing the curriculum after registration?

I just registered for the level II exam and got the payment and registration email already. But how do I access the curriculum? In the email is says “Your first study session is available in the Candidate Preparation Toolkit”, but after clicking on that you get to the general Candidate resources website. When clicking on the section for June 2014 canditates, it says

“Print curriculum will be shipped within one to two business days of receiving your approved payment. If you do not make payment online,your curriculum (print and/or eBook) will not be shipped/available until after your payment has been processed.”

But I paid online and even received confirmation! So frustrating! How can I access the curriculum?

Ok…and this is just confusing. On the Candidate My CFA page, it states:

“Registration for the June 2014 exam will be available by 1 August 2013.”

So…perhaps the curriculum will not be available until then? :frowning:

I signed up like a few hours ago and got the ebook…

Follow the link in the emaill.

check your email after 1 hour

Finally got it! :slight_smile: