Accidental text

so i told my iphone to text my co worker. but it sent it to some girl i went out on a date with 4 years ago. pretty funny cuz i said call me. she messaged back who is this. i told her whoops sorry, wrong name. stupid iphone. anyways pretty funny thought id share.

Witty Ohai comment coming in 3, 2, 1…
(I’d make a witty comment. But I’m not witty. So there’s that.)

edit - and yes, I always look forward to Ohai’s comments on Nerdy’s life. Almost as much as I look forward to Sweep’s and DoW’s. (And Twice the Man, but he’s rarely around anymore.)

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Classic technology-era Freudian slip. Your subconscious was just looking for some pusspuss.

how old is Nerdyblop’s phone? I’m surprised she’s in his contacts if he went out with her once 4 years ago.

brand new phone. but everything is in teh cloud and trasnferrable and i never delete contacts. i literally have a ton of chicks. literally 29 chicks in just 1 club. i usually do something like this: name location i met, and attractiveness rating. its almost amazing. how organized i was at hollering.

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Ay, mijo!!! Why are you looking for free salsa when you have good guacamole at home???

Why can’t you have guacamole and salsa. If chipotle can do it. So can I!