Accidently pressed on Level II forum

And was in horror of all unread topics with stuff i don’t really remember! 3 seconds of nightmare.

Took this long to realize you didn’t remember anything from LII? I realized that that on the following Sunday after LII exam.

I’ll 1 up ya. Try being a repeating L3er and not remembering this stuff from the previous year when you start studying!

Hey Rick, why dont you invest in yourself…check out your ticker on Bloomberg :slight_smile:

RICK - Its a recessionary proof industry. Anyone want to try and figure out their cash flows for the next 7 years? Do you inflation adjust lap dances? SRI (socially responsible investing) may limit the hold though…

Before I began this program, I thought socially responsible investing was putting on a condom before you invest. Now I know all about the growth and small cap bias that goes along with SRI. Wow, I just said condom, growth, and small cap bias all in the same paragraph.,739958 3_letters posted this massive list of must know material. I can’t believe I’ve passed the level 2 exam.