Accidents on exam paper shipping back

Just curious about what would happen if there’s some sort of accident on shipping exam papers back to CFAI e.g. lost exam paper containers at sea or on plane. Do candidates have to retake/resit the exams? Or how would CFAI deal with such an incident?

Happened in Brazil a few years ago. Candidates were entitled to a full refund or they could retake the exam.


Hope that will never happen again to anyone.

Yep. Probably wouldn’t since they 're planning to switch on computer based testing. That in Brasil was happened when I was on L3 and it was the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

I think there should be some sort of compensation, a refund is not enough. I mean these candidates probably studied their as*es off, compromised a lot of their time and spent money on prep providers too!! How is a refund of the exam fee fair. And probably a % of them would have passed too. OMG so horrible, I can’t imagine being in their situation. Usually when I am done with the exam, i am so happy that it is all done and glad that all I have to do now is just wait. Imagine learning that you know what, we lost your papers, you have to study again!

because that’s the only way to be fair.

i don’t think a refund is fair, that’s what I am saying

thought crossed my mid after taking my L1 exam last December

The FRM exam has you make an old fashioned carbon copy when you take it. I assume they only mail one to GARP and hold the carbon copies just in case. I was surprised CFA didn’t do the same thing.