According to u the exam was..........?

According to u the exam was… A) Easy B) little difficult c) Difficult than you thought it would be. At the end how many flat out guesses u had to make in the am and the pm in total?

Easy I’m in the minority, but I found the real exam to be much easier than the mocks. I made six total “flat out I don’t have a clue” guesses. It’s impossible to know all of the material and I’m sure there wasn’t a single person in the world taking L2 that didn’t make at least a couple of guesses.

Easier than I expected it to be, but that doesn’t mean I thought it was easy. I thought I had a 50% chance of passing until I read all the testimonies on here referring to the numerous curveballs that were on the exam. I noticed 3 or 4 which is far less than others were seeing, so I’ve since ratcheted my chances down to 20%.

Little difficult, corporate totally kicked my ass… same goes to alternative… bah :confused:

i thought i could atleast attempt AM…hence felt more comfortable with AM…but in PM i just have any clue how to solve some ques…hence lots of guesses and hence PM more difficult than AM…I would say I should be scoring 65%-70% in AM but PM due to guesses i just dont know…i do feel i am a border line case when it comes to passing…

Quant wise - Easy not much calculation Qualitative/Curve ball- Tough Overall- Medium leaning on Tough ( only because the question were tricky and several imp sections were not tested ) My own thoughts Band 8-9. Ran out of time on the last section in the Am section and had 15 mins to spare on the PM section… as I guessed several questions. Moving forward do mostly EOC questions as Q bank and Prep course question only give you basic and CFA test the extreme.

I’d say a little difficult. Easier than I expected but by no means easy. I thought the FSA/Corporate Finance/Equity stuff was a breeze but the derivatives and fixed income stuff tripped me up a lot.

My memory of the exam is an absolute haze…once i set down my pencil and left the room I forgot 85% of the exam :frowning: I do think I failed though… on the other hand, my memory of the pretty girls that were dotted around the testing centre is still beaming strongly…:slight_smile:

It was reasonable.

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I thought it was a pretty fair test overall. Tested the concepts that were in the book, and I think if you really read the book closely, you would have done well. I thought it was easier than mocks. But I may have just fallen for the traps. Who knows…

It was a challenging exam, and as a 2nd time taker (band 9 in 2010), i found that there were a lot of subtle aspects that could throw someone off course.

easy. to the point where i lost some respect for CFAI.

The exam was Not easy.

A little difficult due to time constraint plus I didn’t cover one topic. Still, I’m not giving up. I’m excited to receive the result but if I fail, I’m not sure how frustrated I would feel… seriously.

was not hard - but i think i cant do the fixed income and alternative on the PM exam and Quant (not good enough) - but the rest are fine. so guess I am failing now.