Accounting Risk

Remember - this is not a financial risk. Just thinking of little nuances the CFAI can test us on to screw with our minds.

I spent most of my afternoon on SS12 - Risk management. There’s a lot of little minutia in that section. Painful. Just friggin painful.

Hey guys - Gudeki came up with this one (not sure if you saw this in the Funny Shortcuts to Retain Lists - I used the HECK out of it while going through that chapter… Financial vs Non-Financial - I just wrote down the letters (then fill in the names) and then would make comments next to the names as I read through it. Did real well on the questions related to this… 8 risk reporting Market risk (financial) Liquidity risk (financial) Credit risk (financial) Sovereign risk (financial) Model risk (financial/non-financial) Settlement risk (Herstatt) (non-financial) Operations risk (non-financial) Regulatory risk (non-financial) MLCS MSOR first four are financial risk (sovereign can be both) while the rest four are non-financial. MSCS = Merrill Lynch Credit Suisse - financial companies MSOR = MicroSoft ORacle - non-financial companies.

That’s great. Although I believe it’s Sovereign Risk that’s (financial/non-financial) Thanks.

yep _ i saw that in the CFAI readings - but this sucker got me 95% there. Biggie Props to Gudeki on this one.