accounting.....troubles yet again

is anyone else finding this section brutal yet again? specifically the analysis of multinational operations chapter? how the hell am i expected to memorize all the ways each balance sheet/income statement item is converted back to the home currency. bloody hell

its great…what a sense of accomplishment when you get it… yes you gotta remember it all Average rate, current, historical… temporal and current do overlap in use of rates…remember that first… In temporal, all non-monetary is coverted into historical…bla bla

i felt real good about ss5, i heard ss6 is the real meat

oh man I love temporal and translating financial statements, takes me back to advanced financial accounting which i took at 7:30pm on mondays…ya im a freaking loser.

I hear ya…just got through SS6 and it didn’t go well. I think it’s study sessions like this that I’ll put Schweser away and reference the CFAI books. I’ll need as much clarity as I can get.

i didn’t understand alot of the FSA that well on my first pass through the notes. probably didn’t know it much better on my initial review. after digging in though a few more times, slowly but surely i started to get it. it wasnt until right before the exam that i peaked and was ready for any FSA question. all i am saying is don’t get too discouraged now, it’s tough to grasp it on the first try ( i know i couldnt)

SS6, was a bit of a monster. I’m hoping it’ll “click” when I come to review FSA again in a few weeks and take the end-of-chapter questions… ca-cbv-cfa: I reckon it’s pretty interesting stuff once you get past the whole intimidation factor of; * memorising the differences between translation/remeasurement * ratio effects - pure ratios (nada), etc… Besides, I found the FSA level 1 material, though a bit of a headache initially, very interesting once it “clicked”… goes to show how much management can manipulate earnings figures.

yeah this reading 26 is some kind of a satan from hell from the worst nightmare imaginable

i’m also getting my a$$ kicked by fsa. i’m understanding everything, but having to read everything twice. hope it gels when i’m doing questions later.

What does everyone think of SS7? SS6 definitely took a lot of time… reading and rereading the material.

ss7 is from 06 level I , looks easy to be honest

just finishing up SS6, headed for SS7 this weekend. I echo the sentiment already- SS6 is a monster. Glad to hear SS7 will be a little bit of a breather. I feel like I’m going to have to practice a lot of problems before I remember all of this all current/temporal stuff.

The accounting stuff is not that hard. Man just need to go over them a little bit more to grasp the concept. I feel level I acct is more difficult than that of level II.